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Stories and Children = Success in Life

Children who read will succeed!

Welcome to Stories and Children. We aim to:

All parents want to see their children succeed in life. Sometimes, raising children can seem like an overwhelming task when you consider you are equipping them with life skills they are going to need in order to succeed. The solution is actually very simple, lots of fun and definitely stress-free!

Equipping children with life skills starts very simply by reading stories to children!

Reading Books with Children is Vital! Essential! Crucial!

As you can see, I'm passionate about combining stories and children. I see it as the key to children's future success. But more importantly, reading stories with your child can be so much fun! Sometimes I wonder who's having the most fun - my children or myself!

Having said that, I've discovered that there are stories and then there are great stories - the ones we want to read over and over again. The key lies in finding quality children's books that tick all the boxes.

Within this site, you'll discover:

Illustrator Susan Syddall

So welcome to Stories and Children. We hope that you'll enjoy this site and will be inspired to try some of these ideas with your children at home. Most of all, we hope that you'll discover the wonder of sharing stories with your child.